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Mindset, Motivation and Habit Change Program

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Join me on a journey to power up your motivation, reframe your mindset, and replace old habits with new ones. 

How It Works

Program Structure and Duration

10 Sessions to be used within 90 Days

  1. Initial Deep Dive: We start by exploring your current mindset and habits, setting the stage for your transformation.

  2. Tailored Strategies for You: I’ll craft a unique plan focusing on mindset, motivation, and habits, suited just for you.

  3. Consistent Support and Adjustments: Regular check-ins to ensure we’re on track and to refine our approach as needed.

  4. NLP and Somatic Techniques: Utilizing powerful techniques to deepen your self-awareness and accelerate change.

  5. Celebrating Your Growth: We’ll review your amazing journey and plan for sustaining these life-changing habits.

All elements of the program are adaptable to your individual needs for a truly personalised experience.

Site Background.png
It's not easy for me to lose weight, and I've tried diets which haven't worked. Now, I eat protein, fat, vegetables and lots of fruits. Yet I'm losing weight faster than any time before. Azadeh’s diet somehow magically works!

Roxana's & Michelle's review, Mindset

Anis Yousefi, 

Solutions Designer, IT Specialist at TD

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