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About Me

Hey There, I'm Azadeh!

I'm a wife, mom, nutritionist and a mindset coach! Specialized in weight loss, digestion, mental health and mindset. 


I'm combining my nutrition knowledge and my mindset expertise for my clients to have their best possible results. 

My passion is to connect with people that can benefit from my expertise and be able to help them to find their way to better health.

My own journey to better health started in 2017 when I was not feeling satisfied with my life. I was feeling sick and depressed, diagnosed with hypothyroid and adrenal fatigue. my energy was really low, my mood was changed and I lost my patience. I was trying everything, (like talking to a therapist, seeing my family doctor) but still couldn't put myself together, whatever was offering to me was like a band aid, I needed something that could heal me from inside out, in other word, something that could address the root causes of my problems. A method that considers soul and body connection in a healing journey and offers me lifestyle and habit changes. Also, I was looking for something more natural other than pharmaceutical.

So, I committed to find a better way. I quit my job, and started looking into my problems more holistically, instead of trying to find answers on the surface. That's when I started my certification and nutrition practice, and really dug deep into the root causes of suffering caused by mind-body disconnection. NLP practice for breaking habits and Metabolic Balance for weight management then came into my life, which helped me focus my practice on digestion, Mindset & Mental health, and thyroid issues in my daughters, myself and my clients.

With my Weight loss program ​I help busy women (and Men) to leave constant dieting behind and lose those extra pounds. My unique approach to weight loss invites you to partake in a judgment-free, safe space where I welcome vulnerability, mindfulness, and connection as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle choices while changing undesirable habits. I am with you one step at the time in this journey to ditch the unsustainable diets and eliminate your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from feeling awesome, happy and sexy again!

Whether you’re looking for a simple holistic nutrition consultation or need a more in-depth wellness plan, I can help. And all it takes to get started is a quick and easy FREE consult session that you can book right now.


  • Weight Loss Coach

  • Digestive Wellness

  • NLP &Mindset Coach

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


- Jillian Michaels

Image by S Migaj

A Unique Approach
that Gets Results

When you book a holistic nutrition consultation with me, you’ll get a focused, one-on-one session that will dive deep into your current health, major wellness goals, and practical strategies needed to move forward. We’ll begin by reviewing your physical condition, dietary analysis, lifestyle assessment, and more.

Then, you’ll have an opportunity to share any health concerns, challenges, goals. Once I’ve gotten a firm grasp of where you are now and where you want to go, I’ll help you create a lifestyle plan that covers everything from diet to supplements and more.


My unique coaching system works because it’s designed to focus your efforts on the changes you most want to make. And depending on the changes needed. To learn more about my unique approach that always gets  results, book a discovery call today. Thirty minutes is all you need to get started on the path to a happier, healthier you.

Why See a Nutritionist?

While you may assume that nutritionists are only needed for those with special dietary conditions like diabetes or gluten intolerances, nutritionists can actually benefit anyone. Whether you’re hoping to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol, lose weight, or alleviate digestive issues, nutritionists can empower you to look and feel better.


In other words, hiring a GTA nutritionist isn’t just for those with particular dietary restrictions and intolerances. It’s for everyone.

Book a discovery call with me today to learn how a nutritionist can help you lose weight, have more energy, and feel better.

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