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Frequently Asked Questions

Need Help?
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Q: What is the first step for me to work with you?

A: The very first step is to book a free appointment and we connect, I listen to you and you listen to me to see if we can work together.

Q: What is your cancelation policy for packages?

A: When you register, you should be 100% in. Specially if you are purchasing mindset packages, your conscious mind maybe starts talking to you to get you out! So, no cancelation, you can pause and delay your starting point (if you have to).

Q: What is you cancelation policy for each session?

A: 24 hours before your session is required for any cancelation or rescheduling your appointment. I know unexpected things can happen but If you repeatedly (which will be after 2 times) don’t show up for your appointment (that you already paid) that session is considered delivered and you will lose the appointment.

Q: Where is your location, where does each session take place?

A: I am in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. All the sessions will be virtual and can be at the comfort of
your home, preferably a quit place without distraction. If you choose a coffee shop or maybe a
beach side, totally find with me!

Q: What is the most popular package?

A: Transform and transcend is the winner! My clients love that package. There are so many values to this package.

Q: How do I order supplements?

A: Please take a look at my shop page, to get more information about the steps to take,  to order your supplements. 

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