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Mindset Coach Oakville

Neuro Linguistic Programming in Oakville

I’m a mindset coach in Oakville that can help you change your life beginning with a free 60-minute consultation. Offering one-on-one mindset consultations and holistic health meetings is the way I help clients to a better life. The first thing that we will address together are the four pillars of health. We are able to move forward by looking at how nutrition, sleep, stress management, and movements interrelate.

The mental health counseling that I provide addresses the four pillars of health. We look at stress, sleep patterns, nutrition, and movements and how they all interrelate.

Taking a look at body deficiencies is important as well. You’ll get a symptomatology questionnaire and you will be supplied with functional testing. When these are combined with recent lab tests, I will be able to take a look at the results and supply some supplementation conclusions.


The other aspect and mindset part of the program is NLP. It combines the benefits of hypnosis for relaxation and semantic practices to create new neural pathways.

Don’t forget everything starts with a free consultation. All you need to do to get started is click on the button on our website. That’s the first step in taking advantage of this safe place to start change. Remember, if you’re tired of starting over, you should stop giving up and start working with Holisticwise.

Break Patterns

The techniques you’ll learn will break through all of the patterns that hold you back. As a  mindset coach in Oakville, my priority is to help you to feel confident, lose weight and transform your mind and body. I like to advocate that losing weight is a mind game. If you change your mind you can change your body because the body strives to achieve what the mind believes.



Sign up today and be stronger than your strongest excuse. Sign up today and you’ll get the advantages that will make a difference like movement recommendations and a protocol that will be provided. This package is nine months because it’s designed to be effective and long-lasting at the same time.

Why See a Mindset Coach?

I’m the health and mindset coach that can help you achieve your goals. Why not get in touch with me today so we can find a convenient time that works for both of us?

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