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Client Reviews

Explore the stories of transformation shared by our clients on Google. Each review reflects the real-life impact of our holistic wellness services. Read their testimonials here and see how HolisticWise could help you on your wellness journey.

It is impossible to meet Azadeh and not fall in love with her. She is not only a fantastic person but also a great coach! Caring, patient, knowledgeable, organized and very supportive. I am in the first week of my nutrition plan with her, and my energy level is excellent. I have lost a couple of kilos, which would have taken me a long time, and I have no hunger or cravings. Me and my body are both surprised at how well we are responding to this new lifestyle:) Thank you, Azadeh, for being with me step by step.

Azadeh is amazing at what she does. She is a professional holistic nutritionist. She is the go-to person when it comes to be healthy and take care of a healthy life for a family. I love her character and her work and totally recommend her.

I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Azadeh. From our very first consultation, I was impresses by her deep knowledge of what she does. I can wholeheartedly recommend Azadeh to anyone looking to improve their health, nutrition, and overall quality of life. Thank you for making such a difference in my life.

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Could not recommend Azadeh enough. She is an excellent nutritional coach. She explores ways with you to improve your eating habits and lifestyle changes. She has had a very positive impact on my improved health. She is realistic and straightforward with her knowledge and information to support clients as they make changes that will last a lifetime. Azadeh helped get me back to a healthy baseline after years of struggle. If you are ready to start a healthy lifestyle, I would strongly advice you to meet with Azadeh :)

I was working on my own nutrition and looking to help my daughter and husband make healthier choices and Azadeh was an excellent resource for my entire family. She takes the time to really listen to my concerns and goals, and her advice is always practical and easy to follow. With her guidance, I've been able to make significant improvements to my overall health. I would highly recommend Azadeh to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and health.

I had the privilege of working with Azadeh as my nutritionist and it was truly an exceptional experience. When I first started my journey, I never believed in myself and didn't think I could achieve my goals. Azadeh was not only my mentor, but also the person who believed in me more than I believed in myself. She was always available to answer any questions I had and provided me with the right guidance and support to succeed. I used to crave rice with every meal, but she helped me reduce those cravings and nowadays I don't even think about rice. Azadeh's support throughout the program was invaluable and not only helped me get in shape, but also made me more mindful about what I was eating. She encouraged me to change my habit and eat more vegetables, salads, with all interesting recipes that she shared with me. Azadeh is a true professional and her advice is always well-reasoned and tailored to individual needs. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to start the journey towards a healthy lifestyle and develop good eating habits.

I just started working with Azadeh about 6 months ago, she is brilliant with attentive warmth. She is a researcher into your personal story, and a field guide with a very kind heart. She's always available and very responsible when it comes to my health. I am convinced of this, that though I feel overwhelmed in this moment on my own beginning journey working with her, she perfectly knows how to navigate my health to the better way of life and eating habits. She is very professional and exceptional. I highly recommend her.
Thank you Azadeh, for your great work. 

I've had the great pleasure of working with Azadeh Koushan as my diet coach as well as my mindset coach for the past 3-4 weeks.

Amazing success with the Metabolic balance diet so far! I've lost over 15lbs in just over 3 weeks!

I feel great, my cravings are in check, I don't feel hungry, I have a list of great food options from all food groups to choose from. I've tried other diets in the past eating chicken and salad all day, every day, which is obviously not sustainable and yet I didn't see results like this.

As for the mindset coaching, I feel as Azadeh is not in it just to finish the consult sessions and make money. She truly cares about helping her clients deal with whatever it is they need to deal with to get the most of their lives. She's a gentle soul and knows a number of technics to teach her clients. I have a long way to go but I think we are moving in the right direction. :)

Thank you Azadeh for sharing your skills and expertise with me and coaching me to become the best version of myself!

I had a great experience working with Azadeh at Holisticwise. On top of that, I got great results on my digestion system that modern medicine was unable to offer in 20 years ...(with respect to modern medicine practitioners of course since they have other capabilities).

Overall I feel healthier and motivated to adopt a healthier diet.

Azadeh is knowledgeable, loves what she does and goes the extra mile to help a client. She is a positive person, acknowledges your improvements and encourages you when you need it the most.

Azadeh is a great nutritionist. She spent enough time to get information about all aspects of my health and life style and came up with a solution that helped me fix some of my longstanding issues. I love her professional attitude and that she walks you through the root cause of the issue and how the solution fix that. She not only solve your health problems but also educates you to live healthier. Highly recommend her!

I needed some nutrition advice and tried the phone consultation with Azadeh. She was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave me very good advice on nutrition, supplementation and stress management. She has a well balanced approach towards health and focuses on both physical and mental aspects of fitness. I definitely recommend consulting with her if you would like to improve your health and wellness.

Azadeh introduced me to healthy nutritious diet plans that best suited my active life style. I’m a runner who needed to adjust my diet to allow my body to gain all the variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needed to maintain a healthy balance. In addition to the help she gave me with my diet she also introduced me to preparing variety of nutritious products through her workshops. Azadeh is knowledgeable, experienced, intelligent and very kind. She is exceptionally patient and she goes beyond herself to accommodate her client’s needs. I highly recommend her if you are looking for someone to help you with diet changes that will most likely suit you.

Thank you Azadeh for being an important part of my weight loss journey. Ever since i met you, I felt drawn to choosing you as my Metabolic Balance coach because of your calm demeanor and kindness. I appreciate that you're very responsive and available when needed. Your support, encouragement, and guidance has helped me trust you. I feel safe, positive, never pressured and never judged with you.

Amazing coach. Azadeh has such a soft spirit that makes it easy to feel safe and share your problems with her without judgement, however she has this ease of sharing what you need to hear to get you to your goals. I always look forward to our sessions and I'm excited to continue working with her in the future. Everyone needs a coach and I'm grateful that she's mine <3

Azadeh is a talented and compassionate coach. She helped me release negative emotions that were blocking me and has taught me so much. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to improve their life and health.

Where do I start! Her name says it all. (Free/ release) Freeing people from their unconscious mind to improve themselves in every aspects of their lives… Azadeh is passionate, kind and easy to talk to… it’s been my greatest pleasure working with her… I strongly recommend this program and her as a coach… thank you for all you do

Well I don’t know where I start , from her knowledge, or kindness, azadeh always put all of her self with passion and patience , looking for the best solution for me . She is a good listener and never judge your mistakes . That’s a journey with her that just get you to success with joy . She will be your new friend that you never want to lose. Thank you axadeh.

I enjoy working with Azadeh very much! She does great at listening to all of my questions and knows a multitude of natural remedies to help other areas of my health as well.

I really like the holistic approach of this program. Overweight is not only a physical issue, it also involves emotions and mindset. That's why I reached out to Azadeh, mi coach.
I am confident that, after my "re-education", I will be able to make the best food choices that will help me keep off the extra weight.

Azadeh is an impactful coach who teaches you about nutrition on an emotional and physical level - I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their mental and physical health

Thank you Holisticwise; the program is amazing. So easy to follow and it has completely changed my relationship with food, the scale and the mirror! It has given me the tools to not only transform my body but my mind too. This program guided me more than just what to eat, as uses psychology to help me understand and build healthier habits and directed me how to make changes to my daily food choices to develop a sustainable healthier lifestyle and achieve weight loss success. I lost 20 lbs in less than 90 days and the most important part is my energy level which is much higher than before. No more menopause symptoms! Can you believe it?
I am in phase 3 right now and I can say I look at foods in a very different way. I highly recommend Holisticwise to anyone who is ready to make a real change in their life.

I'm so grateful to my Holisticwise coach, Azadeh, for introducing me to the metabolic balance diet and mentoring me through it.  Not only She's very knowledgeable about what she does,  she's also very passionate, kind and willing to go above and beyond with her clients.
It's not easy for me to lose weight. I've always blamed my metabolic system to be slow.  I've tried diets which haven't worked and that's disappointing. The only one that worked for me before had a big drawback: I had to limit carbs drastically, and not just bread and rice,  but also fruits which are full of vitamins and other nutrients. Honestly,  when I started the metabolic balance diet I was very skeptical, especially, because I did not have to give up any food groups. I eat protein,  fat, vegtables and lots of fruits. Yet I'm losing weight faster than any time before. This diet somehow magically works!

Azadeh has so much knowledge and passion for what she does, she's a pleasure to work with! She really knows how to get to the root of the problem and walks you step by step though what you need to do! :)

I had such a lovely conversation with Azadeh. She is very insightful and gave me next steps that I was able to implement immediately

Azedah is such a knowledgeable practioner who radiates caring, compassion and attention for her clients. Fantastic nutritionist

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